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There once was a wise man who told me that I am a jock and a music fetishist who is constantly in her own way. He also told me to run away and join the circus.

How to make agoodnewbeginning
Start with one big lady named Mona. Take a handful each of hockey, baseball and badgers with a few splashes each of baby animals (occasionally including baby humans) and ResLife. Add in a dash of trying to like myself, and a pinch of failing at it. Fill in the empty spaces with general life bitching, history nerd facts and things that make me laugh and you've got agoodnewbeginning.

A League of Their Own (USA, 1992)

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i don’t have photoshop on this computer, but have a gif of andrew’s nope face while dr. j and bobby raw headbang [x]

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Typing an essay due tomorrow at 3 in the morning


never seen anything more accurate

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I can never stop posting this. The narrow minded bible fanatics that just look at one small thing in the bible then feed the world with their hate over it. At the same time they ignore all the other silly laws made by man they claimed were made by god. These gif’s say it all.


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It was the “crime without a name.” But Raphael Lemkin gave it utterance. “Genocide” was the word Lemkin coined in 1944, as Allied troops were just beginning to discover the death camps and mass graves left behind by retreating Nazi forces.

Lemkin, a Jew who fled the Holocaust on foot through Polish forests but who lost more than 40 members of his family to it, was short-listed for the Nobel Peace Prize twice in the 1950s, after he pushed the United Nations to outlaw the “crime of all crimes.”

He taught at Rutgers and Yale universities. But he neglected himself, becoming an ill and destitute and obsessed man who dropped dead on a New York street at 59. Only a handful of people attended his funeral, and he sank into obscurity, a historical footnote. Much of his later life remains shrouded in mystery, including his short stint at Rutgers’ Newark campus teaching international law.

But as Genocide Awareness Month again marks the mass exterminations of Armenians, Jews, Rwandans and other groups throughout history, a new appreciation of Lemkin has reached a critical mass. Rutgers graduate research, publication of an autobiography, a new United Nations award in his name and even a Sundance award-winning documentary are resurrecting the Polish lawyer’s legacy.

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all boobs are good boobs

all stomachs are good stomachs

all thighs are good thighs 

all bodies are good bodies

yes yours, too, and don’t you forget it

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I might have drank a whole bottle of wine tonight.

And by might,  I mean I did.

Oh adult juice…why must you be so delicious with snacky dinner.

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Who said baseball isn’t a contact sport?

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Apparently it’s National Sibling Day, so #tbt shout out to my sisters. If I have to be a middle child, I’m glad I’m in the middle of you two weirdos.

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